Mr Brent Murray,

I am writing to advise you regarding the additional insulation installed in the attic of my home.

As you are aware, late this summer I contacted you to discuss the issue of having blown cellulose insulation applied to my home. I advised you that the home was colder in the winter than one would expect from a new home and not as cool as it should be in summer. I requested a quote for cellulose to be sprayed over all flat ceilings.

You will also recall that shortly after our initial discussion, I recontacted you as I was hearing from neighbours that I wasn't the only one with problems and others wanted to have the same service from you.

The complaints were similar in nature, homes that were too hot in summer and too cold in winter. In addition, it was observed by several neighbours, that the air conditioners were running well into the night beyond a period of time when the outside temperature was below the demand temperature of the individual home owners. An obvious conclusion was that a lack of attic insulation was allowing the heat above the ceilings to back into the houses, a process that would continue until the attic cooled down. In a new home this is not acceptable.

My last home, which was a great deal larger than this one, contained a considerable depth of cellulose insulation. I did not have heating and cooling concerns. In fact, the use of cellulose was an option in that subdivision and an analysis of heating and cooling costs in similar homes in that subdivision revealed that those homeowners who had opted for cellulose had lower energy bills than those homeowners who opted for blown fibreglass.

Another observation I made in that subdivision was that the homes with blown fibreglass insulation had large wet patches on the roofs, an obvious indication of heat loss.

For your information this larger home I refer to, was heated by an air-to-air heat pump and an electric furnace. My energy costs were so low that upon resale the buyer wanted proof of my claims. I produced my electrical bills for the previous three years, which culminated in the sale of my home.

During my first winter here in Kingston, I have lived in this new home for two years, not only did I become aware of the overly warm or uncomfortably cold home, I also noticed the large wet patches on the roof of my home, as well as, my neighbours.

We agreed on a price, which I found to be fair, as did my neighbours, upon discussion. One employee in particular, Jason, last name unknown, was your installer. He was accompanied by another individual. Your employees were very polite to say nothing about being professional. I entered my attic after the worked was completed and was more than satisfied with the depth and thoroughness of the installation performed. Jason took the time to discuss his findings in my attic and further advised as to the method of installation, citing areas that he observed where there was little or no insulation. Subsequent discussion with neighbours revealed the same results at their homes.

To summate, immediately after the work was performed I observed that the temperature inside the home was going down. The day of installation was very warm with temperature in the upper 20's Celsius. That first night was cool and the air conditioner did not run into the evening. Also, my home has an upper level bedroom which was always too hot in summer for comfortable over night use. That first night the upstairs bedroom was cool for the first time. I heard similar stories from my neighbours. Everyone, without exception is more than pleased with the results, which speaks not only to the product but to the professionalism of the installation.

I have been personally thanked by my neighbours for instigating this project and so I felt the necessity to pass along the comments and the results. You know the number of homes that you re insulated on this street and you can rest assure there are now several content homeowners in this neighbourhood.

Everyone has experienced a cooler home and those with an upper level bedroom or rooms have, for the first time, cooler rooms to use. As one lady put it, I was always embarrassed to invite anyone to stay overnight as I knew it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. She recently stopped me on the street to thank me for suggesting this additional application as the possible solution, as now the room is much easier to cool. I have also noticed that with these first cool nights of fall 2013 the upstairs bedroom is noticeably warmer.

I thank you sincerely for not only the fair price, the sentiments of my neighbours, as well, but for the professionalism of the the installation.

Your business has made my home a more comfortable place to live.

I will not hesitate to recommend Reitzel Brothers Insulation Co. to anyone who asks. You are not the only business that installs cellulose insulation but when your business does the work, it is done right the first time.

Cliff Ruttan

Kingston, Ontario


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