Superior Coverage

Cellulose fibre is compacted within the wall cavity minimizing air leakage and infiltration, greatly reducing heat loss and convective air currents

Effective Application

Proven process ensures compaction, full cavities and no settling.

Higher Performance Value

Material compaction and product density outperform other fibrous insulation and ensures greater energy cost savings

Enhanced Fire Resistance

Cellulose fibre delivers effective fire retardant protection and unlike fiberglass, does not melt

Superior Acoustical Performance

Delivers excellent noise suppression and additionally in ceilings, interior walls or separation walls

Natural, healthy choice

Cellulose fibre is a certified Environmental choice product made of natural wood fibre and will not cause skin irritations or release harmful emissions

Built-in Protection

Coupled with its unique ability to prevent thermal losses associated with condensation, cellulose fibre is treated to not only repel insects and vermin, but to prevent the growth of harmful mould, mildew and wood rotting fungi.

Acoustic Properties of Cellulose Fibre

Wall Cavity Insulation - Thermal Image View

Technical Information

  • Thermal Resistivity

    thermal properties The primar y property of all thermal insulation, cellulose fibre provides greater energy savings over other products since it is

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  • Infiltration/Convection Properties

    infiltration properties Natural movement of air either by convection of air from warm to cold environments or movement by pressure differential).

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  • Acoustical Product Information

    accoustical properties Cellulose fibre, compared to other insulation products, has superior properties for improving noise suppression in wall, floor or ceiling construction.

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  • Moisture Resistance

    moisture resistancy Cellulose fibre has the unique ability to slowly absorb and dissipate excess moisture thereby reducing the risk of potential condensation

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  • Fire Resistance

    fire resistancy Cellulose fibre exhibits a fire resistance capability identified in the physical properties chart. Cellulose fibre will not melt or degradeas

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