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According to the CMHC ( Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) an attic is often the most cost-effective place to add insulation. Older homes and homes with insufficient attic insulation are costing you unnecessarily high heating bills.
Closed Wall Cavity Insulation is used to prevent or reduce heat loss by filling the space between the inside and outside walls.  In some homes the insulation is not adequate or may be missing altogether.  This lack of insulation in the closed wall cavity allows cold air to circulate between the walls and allows heat to escape. 
Blown in cellulose insulation can help reduce airborne and impact sounds within your home, office or multi-family dwellings.  It helps to reduce airborne sound, such as music, barking dogs and loud voices. 
When the walls of your home or business are exposed druing new constrution or renovations, this is an ideal time to use our Spray On Cellulose Insulation Service.  The cellulose insulation is sprayed into the open walls using a hose and nozzle.
Insulation for Basements and Crawl Spaces are usually ignored when it comes to insulation.  Although there is a ow contribution to over-all heat loss.  It is common for basements and crawl spaces to be under insulated, especially in older homes.
If you have insulation that requires removal, it is important that you consult with a building or insulation specialist. We can help you safely remove insulation.