Insulation for Basements and Crawl Spaces are usually ignored when it comes to insulation.  Although there is a ow contribution to over-all heat loss.  It is common for basements and crawl spaces to be under insulated, especially in older homes.

Although basements and crawl spaces are not significant areas for heat loss, there are several factors to consider that may help you make the decision to upgrade your basement or crawl space insulation.

Basements have a greater chance of being exposed to high humidity and can be damaged during floods, burst pipes and sewer backups.  We use a natural cellulose insulation material that can protect your structure from moisture, mould or mildew damage.  Cellulose fiber insulation slowly absorbs and releases moisture to reduce or prevent condensation.  Even better, there is a borate mixture added to the insulation, while harmless to humans, deters insects and rodents, as well as fungus and mold.

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