When the walls of your home or business are exposed druing new constrution or renovations, this is an ideal time to use our Spray On Cellulose Insulation Service.  The cellulose insulation is sprayed into the open walls using a hose and nozzle.

Spray-ins of any type has several other advantages. There is little likelihood of the insulation settling since the fibres are glued to each other and the cavity sides. It forms a uniform covering throughout the cavity and forms a good air seal between electrical wiring, pipes, framing members, and anything else inside the building cavity.

Blown or sprayed loose fibre glass insulation uses roughly the same sort of equipment and adhesive that sprayed cellulose uses, but it doesn't prevent air infiltration as well as sprayed cellulose does.

There are some precautions to take when using sprayed fibre insulation. The chemical fire retardant within the products may corrode metal fasteners, pipes, or structural members that they contact. Unscrupulous installers can also "fluff" blow-in-blanket insulation, installing it at lower density than disclosed to the homeowner. Excessive water content and insufficient drying may promote fungus growth inside building cavities.

Using a Spray On cellulose insulation material is a quick and effective method of insulating your home or business.  It is a natural healthier alternative to fibreglass and offers many benefits including, moisture resistance and fire resistance.  To learn more about the benefits of using blown in cellulose for open wall application, please visit our Spray On Insulation Benefits page.

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