Therm-O-Light: Natural Cellulose Fibre Insulation

Therm-O-Light (Type 1) is a loose-fill thermal and acoustical cellulose fibre insulation (CFI) manufactured from specially selected grades of recycled paper and paperboard products. Therm-O-Light can be installed manually by hand (i.e. hand pouring) or through the use of pneumatic blowing equipment. Therm-O-Light can be used in new or existing buildings and is suitable for use in both above and below grade applications.

It can be applied to any open horizontal or sloped surfaces with a pitch up to 4.5 in 12, as well as any enclosed space such as walls, floors, flat roofs and cathedral ceilings. Therm-O-Light has a minimum recycled content of 85% consisting of pre and post consumer recycled paper and paperboard products. It is treated with a special blend of non-corrosive borate and sulphate fire retardant additives, which also protects the product and adjacent construction materials against mould growth, wood decay and insect damage.


We use Therm-O-Light in most applications: Closed Wall Cavity, Attic, Basements, Crawl Spaces  and Accoustical Floor and Wall 

Additional Product Information

Health & Safety: Therm-O-Light is safe to handle and is a non-irritating alternative to man-made mineral fibre products. However, adequate precautions must be taken when installing or handling any loose-fill product.  Reitzel Brothers Insulation is experienced and follows all health and safety precautions when using Therm-O-Light cellulose fibre insulation to improve the quality of insulation in your home or business

Material Safety Data Sheet

Therm-O-Light Product Information

Acoustic Properties of Cellulose Fibre

Wall Cavity Insulation - Thermal Image View

Technical Information

  • Thermal Resistivity

    thermal properties The primar y property of all thermal insulation, cellulose fibre provides greater energy savings over other products since it is

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  • Infiltration/Convection Properties

    infiltration properties Natural movement of air either by convection of air from warm to cold environments or movement by pressure differential).

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  • Acoustical Product Information

    accoustical properties Cellulose fibre, compared to other insulation products, has superior properties for improving noise suppression in wall, floor or ceiling construction.

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  • Moisture Resistance

    moisture resistancy Cellulose fibre has the unique ability to slowly absorb and dissipate excess moisture thereby reducing the risk of potential condensation

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  • Fire Resistance

    fire resistancy Cellulose fibre exhibits a fire resistance capability identified in the physical properties chart. Cellulose fibre will not melt or degradeas

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