Therm-O-Spray: Natural Cellulose Insulation

Therm-O-Spray (formerly Therm-O-Light Type 2) is a spray applied thermal and acoustical cellulose fibre insulation (CFI) manufactured from specially selected grades of recycled paper and paperboard products.

Therm-O-Spray is applied through the use of pneumatic blowing and spray equipment and can be used in new or existing buildings and is suitable for use in both above and below grade applications. It can be applied to any open vertical, horizontal or sloped surface (regardless of pitch) as well as any open cavity such as walls, floors, flat roofs and cathedral ceilings, which will be later closed.

Therm-O-Spray is treated with a special blend of non-corrosive borate fire retardant additives, which also provides the product with a resistance to mould growth, wood decay, insect damage and discourages rodent activity

Features and Benefits

Superior coverage

Therm-O-Spray applies easily and quickly, creates no seam or voids, minimizes air leakage and infiltration, and provides uniform coverage with a density over twice that of fibreglass batts.

Effective application

Therm-O-Spray fast -bonding and superior coverage qualities ensure it does not settle, making the product an ideal choice for all applications

Higher performance value

Therm-O-Spray's excellent coverage, perfect fit and greater density outperform other fibrous insulations and ensures greater energy-cost savings.

Fast-dry application

Therm-O-Spray dries virtually immediately, facilitating prompt installation of vapour barrier and drywall. 

Enhanced fire resistance

Therm-O-Spray delivers effective long-term fire-retardant protection and unlike fibreglass, does not melt. The result: improved heat protection for adjacent structural elements, as well as extended fire-escape times for building occupants.

Superior acoustical performance

Unlike fibrous batts and foam boards, Therm-O-Spray forms a structural bond and becomes an integral part of wall, roof and ceiling assemblies, delivering excellent noise suppression.

Natural, healthy choice

Therm-O-Spray is certified Environmental Choice Product made of natural wood fibre. Therm-O-Spray will not cause skin irritations or release harmful emissions.

Built-in protection

Coupled with its unique ability to prevent thermal loses associated with condensation, Therm-O-Spray is specially treated to not only repel insects and vermin, but to prevent the growth of harmful mould, mildew and wood-rotting fungi.

Cost & Application

Sprayed insulation is most practical for new construction or unfinished spaces with exposed studs. Installations are often messy, since some of the insulation also adheres to unintended surfaces such as floors and windows. However, the adhesive binders are water-soluble so it is easily removed. After application, the stud edges are scraped clean with a special milling tool.

As long as the "salvaged" insulation is free of debris it can be sent through the blowing machine again for reuse.

Sprayed insulation also needs time to dry before being enclosed in the building cavity. The drying time for the insulation varies depending on the type of insulation material and its moisture content, the moisture content of the framing members, and conditions such as humidity and temperature. Two (proprietary) techniques for faster drying times is to use rockwool, which does not easily absorb moisture, or netting over the studs to support the insulation, with less water content, as it dries.

Sprayed insulation systems cost more than fibreglass batt insulation - about 40 per cent more. However, it generally is less expensive than sprayed foam, and performs almost as well in many cases.

A foot of blown-in loose-fill cellulose yields an R-value of 45, while a foot of loose-fill mineral fibre would offer an R-33 level, according to a study by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre. A foot of fibreglass batt insulation would deliver about R-46. (Since most batts are 5.5 inches thick, the actual insulation is still a respectable R-21). R-values are compromised with any insulation if does not completely fill the wall cavity.

Additional Product Information

Health & Safety: Therm-O-Spray is safe to handle and is a non-irritating alternative to man-made mineral fibre products. However, adequate precautions must be taken when installing or handling any loose-fill product.  Reitzel Brothers Insulation is experienced and follows all health and safety precautions when using Therm-O-Spray cellulose fibre insulation to improve the quality of insulation in your home or business

Material Safety Data Sheet

Therm-O-Spray Product Information

Therm-O-Comfort Product Brochure

Acoustic Properties of Cellulose Fibre

Wall Cavity Insulation - Thermal Image View

Technical Information

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  • Infiltration/Convection Properties

    infiltration properties Natural movement of air either by convection of air from warm to cold environments or movement by pressure differential).

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  • Acoustical Product Information

    accoustical properties Cellulose fibre, compared to other insulation products, has superior properties for improving noise suppression in wall, floor or ceiling construction.

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  • Moisture Resistance

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