Closed Wall Cavity Insulation is used to prevent or reduce heat loss by filling the space between the inside and outside walls.  In some homes the insulation is not adequate or may be missing altogether.  This lack of insulation in the closed wall cavity allows cold air to circulate between the walls and allows heat to escape. 

Many years ago, because of unavailable resources and technology, homes were constructed with little or no insulation in the exterior walls. Through research, development and field testing, Reitzel Bros. Insulation uses a proven process to install cellulose fibre insulation into empty exterior wall cavities, or improve existing levels of insulation within exterior walls. 

The cellulose fibre insulation material is blown in through strategically placed 1" drilled holes from the interior or exterior wall depending on the application

Cellulose fibre insulation is installed using pneumatic blowing equipment.  1” holes are drilled from the interior or exterior of the building into each cavity space, between wall studs using air to compact the cellulose insulation in the wall cavity.

Upgrading the insulation in your closed wall cavity can prevent convection and reduce heating costs.

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